Posted by: flyphotoguy | February 3, 2009

In Memoriam

This past Saturday, January 31, a tribute was held at the Aeroventure hangar for former co-owner Dick Hodge, who passed away recently. Hundreds of people attended to share anecdotes about their experiences with Mr. Hodge, celebrate his life and contributions to general aviation, and to share their mutual passion for aviation. Over the years, I’m told that Mr. Hodge instructed or conducted biannual flight reviews for most of the pilots in the Petaluma area. He will be missed by many.

The Mustangs, T-28, and Yak fly over the field in the missing man formation in Mr. Hodges honor.

The Mustangs, T-28, and Yak fly over the field in the "missing man" formation in Mr. Hodge's honor.

As part of the tribute, many warbirds came in to take part in some formation flying in the afternoon. Two separate groups of aircraft went up and flew several passes over the airfield in formation, including the missing man formation. These aircraft included several Nanchangs, a T-28, T-34, a Yak, and two Mustangs. Will Whiteside also flew down from Santa Rosa in his Yak, Steadfast, to take part in the formations.

A full gallery of the aviation portion of the tribute may be seen here


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