Posted by: ninawhitehurst | October 16, 2009

November 4, 2009 WINGS Program

On November 4, 2009,PAPA will host a WINGS program at the clubhouse starting at 6:30  p.m., open to PAPA and non-PAPA members alike.

Glenn Diefenderfer of the FAA Safety Team (FAAST) will deliver a 2 hour presentation that will include:
How to sign-up, create an airman profile, and receive WINGS credits
for educational seminars (like this one), on-line courses, and
proficiency flights.
How to avoid runway incursions.  A short movie will be shown.
Glenn has been a pilot for 38 years; 8 years in the Marines (A-4’s), 10
years in the airlines (DC-9, B-727), and 20 years in the FAA (B-757/767,
A-320/330, ATR-42/72, IL-96, C-172/182).  He has been the OAK District
Safety Program Manager for 2 years and is a strong advocate for maintaining
currency through participation in the WINGS Pilot Proficiency program.  He
recently completed the requirements for his MASTER WINGS.

Register on-line at to receive WINGS credit for this event.


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