Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | August 23, 2015

Major Announcment!

The Poker Run last Saturday allowed the winners
to make up some for the loses they may have experienced
in the Stock Market on Friday.
It gives this Author GREAT PLEASURE to Announce:
The WORST hand of ALL goes to Val Weston …To paraphrase a certain Green Frog:
It’s not easy beeing LAST (except in a PAPA Poker Run)
THIRD Place has gone to the Dogs! In this case to one named COCONUT! Woof Woof
SECOND Place (with a Pair of Queens) goes to Dan Bedford. Way to go Dan!
And reprising her WINING Role from Last Year is none other than NANCY SASSER.
(Maybe there is such a thing as Good Karma!) Congatulations!
and a big thanks to all who attended; Lets do it again next year!


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