Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | August 19, 2016

Paul just sent the PAPA members this message, with a copy of the e-mail he received:

Leon appreciates the support PAPA has given him in the past and he extends a free barbecue to anyone who would like to attend.  There will not be a charge for the barbeque but any donations will be gladly accepted! They would also like to have any military vehicles are aircraft around his area.At around 2 o’clock they will have a military vehicle procession to the vets building and then proceed to barbecue for a few hours.


> Hi, Paul.
> I have a few questions:
> 1. How many PAPA members do you feel will be interested to attend the BBQ at Petaluma Vets Hall? I am going to buy product.
> 2. A few of the PAPA members have WWII  military aircraft. Can you please ask them to park their plane with us if possible?  I would like to set up where were were last year in front on the corner, or close to it towards the main taxi way as last year with the P-51 Flight. It would be cool to have 3 planes in a V  layout. 2 at equal at corners on regular tie down spaces. Center space tie down open. 1 in the rear back off of the line of spaces. V facing the the runway outward toward the hills. Point of V facing West.
> 3. Seating to be set inside the V. Podium facing West. USCG Color Guard will be next to the Podium. This seating arrangement will provide a more intimate setting, chairs facing the Petaluma Hills East,  inside the V Corral. We will have a few WWII Vehicles. A few Patriot Guard Riders. Harley`s with Flags within the V also.
> 4. Planes: Must be in military markings. L-5, PT-17, PT-22, etc.
> Thank you.
> Leon


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