Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | November 12, 2016

PAPA Gala Christmas Party!!

Hi All,

Another great PAPA Holiday Party is nearly upon us; December 3, and this time will surely be one to remember.  We’ve booked the new ballroom/banquet room at the Petaluma Hotel downtown.  Newly renovated and all for just $10 per person.  We will have roast turkey and bring a side dish to share per the attached Party Invite flyer.

 In the past we’ve had around 100 attendees at our Party and this year we’d like to really make it a blowout!  So, the PAPA Board and Officers working hard on this event would love to see everyone attend and make it that one we all can remember.  And, if you have trouble trying to remember before you leave the party, or would prefer to drive home the next day, the Hotel has rooms available; all newly refurbished and ready for guests.

So grab your party spirit and help us all celebrate another great year for PAPA and the airport!  Till then……………..

Tail winds,



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