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Welcome to PAPA Online!

Welcome to the Petaluma Area Pilots Association‘s website. PAPA is a group of pilots and friends of the Petaluma Airport  [o69], in Petaluma, California. Formed in 1978, PAPA holds monthly meetings, sponsors monthly Display Days for antique and classic aircraft, hosts educational seminars, and provides aviation-related scholarships. It’s an active group of pilots that live, work and fly in the Petaluma area. Join us at one of our upcoming activities and see why this is such a great place to fly!

“One mile of highway takes you one mile.
One mile of runway takes you anywhere!”

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | July 16, 2014

Big Day 19 July

It’s a Display Day, of Course, but SO MUCH MORE!

(there is a rumor about a BBQ that El Presidente is working on.)

See the flyer below for the Breakfast:

Breakfast July 2014




Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | July 5, 2014

PAPA 9 July Dinner Meeting

BBQ’ed Baby Back Pork Ribs

Corn on the Cob

Green Salad with Fresh Veggies

Dessert TBD

Alternative Option instead

     Big Bold Chipotle Veggie Burger grilled with (or Without) Sharp Cheddar cheese,

     With (or without) Bun.

     If you select this option Please Call 707-322-5595 so Don will have enough.

Some old Price $10.00 @ 6:15  (BYOB)


Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | June 26, 2014

Santa Rosa KSTS Runway Project

Big Changes are coming next month at KSTS

Please take the time to visit:

Beside runway closures there are taxiway renaming “stuff” to get familiar with.

There will be a link to a *.pdf for you to download and print.

Have fun!

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This from Ray Peterson, our Safety: Guy

The TFR is only Sunday, however you should stay away from the race track the entire weekend because of the crowd.    Note that the TFR extends inside the KCBS  towers (at Gnoss Field).   Maintain a downwind no more than a mile from the runway, if you are going to KDVO.

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | June 18, 2014

Displa Day (and fly-out)

This Sat 21 Jun. is a Display Day at Petaluma Airport.

However, your Humble Web Master got this from Ed “the banker” Steiger for your consideration:

Fellow Aviators – Willits (O28) is holding their annual “Pigs Fly-In” on 21 June and I thought it a reasonable
idea to support them in the best way possible – FLY-IN! This message has been forwarded this to most of the
Chapters in the N. California region and now it is your responsibility to get it out to your members.
See for all the details. Aviate, Dave Walters, EAA 512, Placerville
Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | June 10, 2014

Scholarship Recipient

Tomorrow,  Wed the 11:

Come and meet this years Scholarship Recipient.

Also heard a rumor about a Gas Raffle?

See you there.

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