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Welcome to PAPA Online!

Welcome to the Petaluma Area Pilots Association‘s website. PAPA is a group of pilots and friends of the Petaluma Airport  [o69], in Petaluma, California. Formed in 1978, PAPA holds monthly meetings, sponsors monthly Display Days for antique and classic aircraft, hosts educational seminars, and provides aviation-related scholarships. It’s an active group of pilots that live, work and fly in the Petaluma area. Join us at one of our upcoming activities and see why this is such a great place to fly!

“One mile of highway takes you one mile.
One mile of runway takes you anywhere!”

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | August 23, 2015

Major Announcment!

The Poker Run last Saturday allowed the winners
to make up some for the loses they may have experienced
in the Stock Market on Friday.
It gives this Author GREAT PLEASURE to Announce:
The WORST hand of ALL goes to Val Weston …To paraphrase a certain Green Frog:
It’s not easy beeing LAST (except in a PAPA Poker Run)
THIRD Place has gone to the Dogs! In this case to one named COCONUT! Woof Woof
SECOND Place (with a Pair of Queens) goes to Dan Bedford. Way to go Dan!
And reprising her WINING Role from Last Year is none other than NANCY SASSER.
(Maybe there is such a thing as Good Karma!) Congatulations!
and a big thanks to all who attended; Lets do it again next year!

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | August 17, 2015

Pocker Run 22 Aug

Poker hand This years annual event starts at o69 and then its off to the Nut Tree (KVCB) and Lodi (1o3), followed by

Tracy (KTCY) and Livermore (KLVK), and back to o69. Collect a card at each location; highesest hands  will win prizes, and so will the worst hand!

More details at our Sign In. This is by far the most fun event of the year…don’t miss it!

If you are without a plane, we will find you a ride.

0800hrs Registration ($30 a hand); 0900 Pilot Briefing.

Coals on the BBQ will be provided for the post flight festivities.

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | August 6, 2015

PAPA Meeting & Dinner 12 Aug ’15

Pedroni’s Famous Potato Salad (as Interpeted by Uncle Don)
All Vegatable Succotash
Barbecued Chicken
Ice Cream Bars (4 Desert)
Served by 1830hrs or a little before

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | July 27, 2015

Private Pilot Ground School

Santa Rosa JC (Petaluma Campus) has a class starting soon.

Barbara’s email is , should you have any questions.

SRJC Ground School 2015

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | July 7, 2015

PAPA Dinner 8 June 2015

Our very own Distinguished Chef, Don Smith will:

Serve Dinner  at 6:00PM ($10)

Rotisserie Lamb


Corn on the Cobb


Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | June 27, 2015

No Breakfast in July!

Just got this from Gary:

Good morning Boys

I hope you are well! I am sorry to say that Don and I will not be doing our breakfast in July,

we feel is is to close to the last one, we will give more input next year before the schedule goes out.

October is good, please inform the members and make the nessary changes to calendars,

web sites etc. as soon as possible.

Thank you again for everything, sorry we did not catch this sooner!


Gary McDonald
Gary McDonald and Son Inc.
(707) 333-4464

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