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Welcome to PAPA Online!

Welcome to the Petaluma Area Pilots Association‘s website. PAPA is a group of pilots and friends of the Petaluma Airport  [o69], in Petaluma, California. Formed in 1978, PAPA holds monthly meetings, sponsors monthly Display Days for antique and classic aircraft, hosts educational seminars, and provides aviation-related scholarships. It’s an active group of pilots that live, work and fly in the Petaluma area. Join us at one of our upcoming activities and see why this is such a great place to fly!

“One mile of highway takes you one mile.
One mile of runway takes you anywhere!”

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A Forward from Cliff


My name is Cliff Cochran, former Airfield Operations Officer at Travis Air Force Base and currently a graduate student at Golden Gate University.  I visited PAPA in 2011, when I gave a presentation on Travis Airspace. I’m completing my master’s degree in public administration, and as part of my thesis, request members of the Petaluma Area Pilot’s Association participate in a brief survey to obtain their opinions on transponder use.


The survey will take less than five minutes to complete and is accessed with the following link: General demographic information is requested, but responses will be kept confidential and used solely for statistical analysis. Would you be so kind to forward this survey to your members? Thank you.



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Scholarship Applicants

Applicants for the PAPA  scholarship are reminded

to download the application, and submit same to the

scholarship committee soon!

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | January 6, 2015

January PAPA Meeting Cancelled

Club House condition and Low Temperatures have conspired

to cause this cancellation. Members of the Board are requested

to meet at TRAXX at 5:30 – 6:00 Jan 14 2015

to conduct the club’s important business!

The “public” is welcome too!


Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | January 3, 2015

Fly Out Report

We had a great New Years Fly Out to KHAF with 7 or 8 Planes;

Crisp and clear sight-seeing weather!

Jan 1 2015 Planes PAPA Jan1 2015(1) PAPA Jan1 2015(2) PAPA Jan1 2015(3) PAPA Jan1 2015(4)



Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | December 29, 2014

New Years Fly Out Reminder

babynewyear    Looks like the weather will be nice! I checked and today; looks like  a GO.

Let’s meet at the Terminal 9:30 ish, and

offer a seat to someone, if you have an empty.

Posted by: Petaluma Area Pilots Association | December 14, 2014

New Years Fly Out


Happy 2015

Come join your fellow Aviators on January 1 for a fly out (weather permitting)

It is said to bring Good Luck, and a new View of the World, if Anyone in your House can get Airborne on the 1st!

Plan to meet at the Terminal 0930, and offer an empty seat to someone without wings; you might get a Blessing from the Padre’.

Some of the folks from EAA124 in Santa Rosa are planning on Nancy’s Airport Cafe at Willows KWLW.

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