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Welcome to PAPA Online!

Welcome to the Petaluma Area Pilots Association‘s website. PAPA is a group of pilots and friends of the Petaluma Airport  [o69], in Petaluma, California. Formed in 1978, PAPA holds monthly meetings, sponsors monthly Display Days for antique and classic aircraft, hosts educational seminars, and provides aviation-related scholarships. It’s an active group of pilots that live, work and fly in the Petaluma area. Join us at one of our upcoming activities and see why this is such a great place to fly!

“One mile of highway takes you one mile.
One mile of runway takes you anywhere!”

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Our “newish” PAPA member, Bob Justman, has a gripping story to tell!

Bob and his wife.

Hawaiian Airlines pilot Bob Justman poses with his wife and the plane that crashed into waters off Kauai .

See the link below:

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Scholarship Applicants

Applicants for the PAPA  scholarship are reminded

to download the application, and submit same to the

scholarship committee soon!

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New Ground Link Communications Options

Petaluma Airport has a new “Ground-Link” Ground Communications Outlet to Oakland Center or FSS Wx Brief:

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Airport is prime asset for city

Vince Marengo, Director of Public Works for the City of Petaluma, wrote a terrific editorial in support of the Petaluma Airport that was published in the Wednesday, October 24, 2009 issue of the Petaluma Argus-Courier. It’s available online at

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Creating a Sense of Community

How Pilots Coming Together on the Ground, Can Help Insure the Future of GA in the Air
by Susan Terrell

During a discussion on the AOPA internet forum board about the prospects for GA in this country, a statement was posted that if things keep going like they are, a sad vision for the future would be that of bringing a grandchild to an aviation museum someday, pointing to a Cessna 172 suspended from the ceiling, and having to say “There was a time when anyone with a pilot’s license could fly one of those through the sky.”

Thankfully, it’s not that bad yet, and hopefully never will be. But there is no denying that skyrocketing costs; loss of airports; and the continuing encroachment of regulations and restrictions on GA in the United States continues to place an enormous burden on those with the desire to take to the sky piloting a private aircraft. Add to that the stress and time restrictions that modern day life can impose, and building a community around the local airport; attracting new pilots to GA … seems to get harder and harder.

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