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The Petaluma Area Pilots Association was formed in 1978 by a group of local pilots. It supports aviation and the Petaluma airport with events, community outreach, and scholarships to young people seeking a career in aviation. PAPA also provides volunteer labor and materials for airport projects. For example, PAPA members relocated Petaluma’s old Chief of Police building and refurbished it into the current airport terminal.

Until 1991, PAPA produced an annual Air Fair with aircraft displays, aerial performers, and more. This was both an outreach event to publicize the Petaluma airport and a fundraiser for PAPA scholarships and projects. A flyer from one of the last Petaluma Air Fairs said it best:

We’re a family of pilots and non-pilots alike who, as individuals, either do – or dream of doing – what Wilbur and Orville first did not so long ago: travel on a cushion of air to see what we can see. We get to view both sides of the mountain at the same time… while cruising comfortably and unrestricted by fence-following roads.


Fly often, and fly safely. Have fun, be a good neighbor, and promote the airport. Oh, and eat well! (PAPA has its own trailerable barbecue – pilots need fuel, too.)


PAPA Membership is open to pilots, present and former aircraft owners, and others with a strong interest in general aviation. Annual dues are  $40 for a family, payable in January. Benefits include a subscription to the monthly PAPA Post newsletter, attendance at all meetings and events, and the undying appreciation of our Treasurer. To apply for or renew membership, fill out the PAPA Membership Application , enclose a check, then mail it to the address below or bring it with you to our next meeting or event.

Photo Gallery

PAPA now has an online photo gallery. The gallery is open to all for browsing and making copies or prints of the photos you’ll see there. We invite our members and others to provide additional photos, whether from recent or historical events. Contact admin@papapetaluma.org for information on how you can upload your photos to PAPA’s gallery.

Mission Statement

This non-profit, membership organization is established in order to encourage public interest in airplane operation and to make the public aware of the benefits of general aviation. The Association’s principal goals for mutual benefit of its members are:
(a) To support general aviation interests at the Petaluma Municipal (O69) Airport (“the airport”).
(b) To promote the use of, help guide the planned growth of, and provide general aviation access to the airport.
(c) To promote the convenient use of the airport by general aviation pilots, aircraft owners, hangar property owners and renters, aircraft builders, mechanics, instructors, and others associated with general aviation, while being respectful of the rights and interests of others who also use the airport.
(d) To work with City, County, State, and Federal Government agencies as well as other associations, clubs, and organizations to preserve and expand general aviation interests at the airport, through involvement in the designation, establishment, and maintenance of plans, proposals, and decisions that affect the airport.
(e) To keep its membership informed as to the concerns and ideas that the City of Petaluma and the airport manager have about managing the airport; and to act as an organized voice, providing representation for the concerns of the airport users.
(f) To promote and preserve safe and efficient operation of the general aviation airport system for the benefit of the community.
(g) To advance public understanding and interest in the beneficial use and utilization of aviation through educational and charitable means.
(h) To further the art, science and industry of general aeronautics and the pursuit of general aviation.
(i) To further the safety, popularity and economy of general aviation.

Code of Conduct

(a) We strive to lead by example by being good and responsible general aviation pilots, owners, and operators at the airport. We recognize that people will judge all general aviation pilots and interested parties by our actions – every pilot does make a difference. We will use our influence with other pilots and interested parties to promote responsible conduct at all times.
(b) We strive to follow appropriate rules as required for responsible use of the airport, and to amend, add to, and improve those rules as required, while operating our aircraft in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
(c) We strive to respect pilots’, property owners’, and airport owner’s rights.
(d) We strive to not interfere with the normal operation of the airport in any way.
(e) We strive to communicate our interests and respond to other’s interests in a polite, controlled, and effective way to benefit general aviation and the airport.


PAPA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. That means that your donations to PAPA are tax-deductible; you will receive a receipt for your tax records. When tax time comes around again, this receipt will serve as proof of your donation to a tax-exempt charitable organization (receipt required by IRS for donations over $75.)


Petaluma Area Pilots Association
601 Sky Ranch Drive
Petaluma, CA 94954

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