• The Petaluma Area Pilot’s Association is offering a scholarship for aviation related studies. Awarded funds can be applied to ground school, flight training, A&P training programs, aeronautical engineering courses, etc.
  • Scholarship applicants must be pursuing a career in aviation.
  • The amount of funds available every year varies and is determined by the association’s executive board.


  • April 15—DEADLINE to POSTMARK application.
  • NOTE:  Interviews Dates will be determined/announced.
  • June—scholarship is awarded.

Who can apply:

  • High school or college students (full or part-time) who reside in Sonoma or Marin counties, or whose parents reside in those counties.
  • Full-time students must have a 2.5 grade point average for the last two years of their education.

How to apply:

  • Download the application form on the next page by clicking this link; then click on the file “Scholarship Application rev2 : Scholarship Application rev2/
  • When completing the application, please print carefully. Applications which are illegible to the committee, or are not complete, will not be considered.
  • Along with a completed application, applicants shall furnish the following:
  • A 500 word typed essay outlining the applicant’s plans for a career in aviation and some background about their interest in aviation.
  • Official transcripts
  • The name of the educational institution or flight school to which funds, if awarded, would be directed on their behalf.
  • Application, transcripts, and essay shall be postmarked by April 15 and mailed to:

Petaluma Area Pilots Association

Scholarship Committee

601 Sky Ranch Drive

Petaluma, CA  94945

  • Applicants shall attend a personal interview with the scholarship committee at a time and place of mutual agreement.

Other details:

  • Funds are only released to a flight school, accredited aviation training program, or other similar institution. Funds are not released directly to the winners.
  • Winners have 9 Months to use funds. Any unused funds remaining at the end of 9 Months will be returned to the Petaluma Area Pilot’s Association Scholarship fund.
  • All applicants, whether or not a scholarship has been awarded, are eligible to re-apply and receive a scholarship for a maximum of three successive years.
  • Final selection of applicants is based on a maximum nine-point system in the following areas:

Grades (3.5 minimum), current classroom enrollment in aviation courses, veteran status, post high school education level, extra curricular activities, ground school completion, previous solo, continuing flight training, and continuing academic education.

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